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Instant Movers understands that every move is important and requires professional care.

Instant Movers is the go-to company for residential relocations. Our services are reasonably priced and deliver just the type of assistance you require. Your move will be a lot simpler and less stressful because of our high-quality service and competitive prices. Instant Movers places a premium on familiarity with the area and thorough planning, two qualities that reliably ensure a smooth relocation.

To ensure that you have the comfort you deserve during this time of change, we provide a wide variety of local moving solutions that are both easy on your wallet and effective.

For us, a stress-free relocation means making sure you know exactly how much your move will cost before you even start packing. The first step is to get a moving quote, which will help you budget for your move, know what to expect, and ask any questions you may have.

Moving To New Office With Chairs, Cardboard Boxes, Plants, Computers And Other Office Equipments.

Office Relocation

As professional office movers, we ensure that your company keeps running smoothly during the moving process.

Instant Movers understands that your company is the source of your financial stability. As a company, we won’t tolerate any downtime that results in a loss of revenue. The logistics and planning of office relocations are fortunately our bread and butter. No other commercial moving company can match the value and timeliness we provide thanks to our meticulous planning, specialized services, and unrivaled office packing skills.

Our local office movers will physically inspect your facility before moving anything. We will know what services are needed and what goods need to be relocated after our initial on-site consultation. We will also check elevator constraints and the availability of loading docks.

Our commercial planning team will establish a timeline and schedule for the project based on the data collected by our project manager. We have the resources to meet any time constraints that may be imposed on the relocation.

Storage Facility

Safely store your belongings with Instant Movers 

You could be awaiting the completion of a new home. You may soon be relocating to a more compact residence. Maybe you need somewhere to store your belongings safely but don’t require a whole lot of extra space. Instant Movers has you covered with their spotless and safe storage facilities. Our storage units are climate-controlled and monitored around the clock, setting us apart from other storage and moving firms.

You are free to visit our warehouse at any moment to handle your stored products. In the same way that moving involves careful preparation, storing things also calls for meticulous packing. Trust all of your storage packaging needs to our team of trained professionals. When moving things into storage, it’s important to first make a list of everything that has to go away. We’ll give each item of yours that needs to be stored a unique number so that it may be stored away in a neat and orderly fashion.

We offer both short- and long-term warehouse space for business storage, in addition to personal storage for household products. Businesses can benefit from our storage facility’s reasonable prices and helpful inventory management services for everything from office furniture to commercial goods. Contact us to find out how much space you need to store your belongings.

Storage Facility
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Door-to-Door Delivery

A unique combination of on-demand, time-sensitive, door-to-door delivery services within the UAE

Our door-to-door delivery services in the United Arab Emirates are both reliable and fast, making us stand out from the competition. Instant Movers promises to efficiently cut costs by removing superfluous procedures and expenditures. As a result, we can offer the most flexible and competitive pricing possible to our customers for all of their shipments and deliveries.

To put it simply, the customer is always right. Every decision we make as a company is shaped by our firm belief that satisfied customers are the key to our continued success. At Instant Movers, we hold ourselves to the greatest standards of customer satisfaction, and we do not take anything less than 100% from our staff.

In an ever-evolving, dynamic market, we aim to maintain and even increase the high quality of our services by adhering to our two guiding principles: keeping things straightforward and improving the client experience. To us, innovation is essential.

Packing Services

Our movers take a unique approach to each item to ensure it is not damaged en route to your new home.

If you want a successful move, you must pack your belongings correctly. We have mastered packing. Performing a task correctly requires the use of quality material, meticulous preparation, and skilled movers. Even before your move begins, our professional movers examine your belongings and design a personalized packing strategy. What materials are required for each item, for example, is how we move intelligently and bring you to your new home securely and without incident. Starting on time and as early as feasible is one of the most reliable approaches to completing this phase.

We organize every packing task in advance and carry specialized supplies. Lamps are packed in special boxes, beds are placed in special bags, and flat-screen televisions are packed using unique processes.

Instant Movers employs only the highest quality sheets, boxes, and tape for packaging. We also utilize heavy-duty boxes for long-distance and international relocations. Visit our store to get the same high-quality products we do.

We double-wrap your items for protection during their extended stay. Add extra protection to ensure that it will remain in excellent shape for the duration of storage. Your items are wrapped in shrink wrap to prevent dust from gathering.

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Garbage/Junk Removal Services

Our company provides residential and business clients in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with eco-friendly waste removal services, including garbage collection and garbage disposal. We are a Dubai-based waste management company that can haul unwanted furniture, electronics, and more from your house, commercial building, or other property.

The homeowners and business owners of Dubai can take advantage of our junk removal service, which includes removing large amounts of trash from their premises to their transport to an appropriate facility for recycling or landfill disposal. All it takes is a single phone call, and our trained personnel will be on their way to haul away your unwanted belongings.

We provide a comprehensive range of options so that we can cater to your every requirement. Hauling away trash and garbage may be an uphill and unpleasant task. Avoid putting yourself at risk of back pain, allergies, or other ailments.

We have the right teams to get these tasks done. When clearing damp basements or sifting through dusty gravel, our staff is protected by the necessary safety gear. In addition, our fleet is equipped to move even the heaviest furniture or appliances.



Rely on the skilled, reliable, and thoroughly vetted experts of Instant Movers to ensure a swift and trouble-free relocation.

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Instant Movers and Packers will facilitate your residential relocation by supplying our own professionally qualified moving crews. Our goal is to provide services throughout UAE that make moving simple. Customer satisfaction is always our foremost objective.

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